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Beautifully designed, soft quilt with cute birdhouse on tree with little bird and flowers in the garden. Filled-in with cotton batting, this quilt is handcrafted by using premium cotton fabric.
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Soft and beautifully handcrafted quilt for your baby pilot, wanting to fly high in the clouds!!!!! This quilt is manufactured by using cotton batting and soft cotton fabric.
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Comfortable and soft designer baby quilt. Nursery design - beautiful baby elephant presenting bunch of flowers to little bird. The quilt is made using Cotton batting and soft cotton fabric.
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A soft and comfortable quilt with beautiful flowers and butterflies, , in applique work. The quilt is manufactured using soft baby-skin-friendly cotton batting and soft cotton fabric.
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Beautiful baby quilt depicting the story of of snail and turtle racing on the bank of river. Soft and comfortable crib size Baby Quilt is manufactured using cotton batting and soft cotton fabric